Whatever brilliant man decided that vintage base ball could still be relevant in the modern era would have been proud of the display put on by the Belleville Stags and St. Louis Unions Saturday at Moose Meadow.

On that day and on that manicured pitch and under a sun-lit sky, base ball was never better.

The Belleville nine captured both ends of the double header of matches, winning the first 6-4 and the second 14-10. But scores and numbers cannot capture the day’s true thrills. The Stags and Unions met for the fifth time this year, each of which has been friendly, respectful, and competitive.

Both clubs can boast of great exploits afield as the hitting was as timely and fierce and the defensive play was skilled and more-or-less muff-free. The clubs will meet again Nov. 2 at Moose Meadow to close out the local vintage season. The first pitch shall be at 1 p.m.